Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2


Realme Buds 2 – a new pair of wiring is the new headphones that use a 3.5mm plug to connect with compatible devices. On the right cable, there is a cut-off by a button with a microphone for hands-free calls. Other similarities include a folding cable from fabric under the Y-splitter and a very popular yellow-black color scheme.

We have seen some improvements in design and construction quality – the rubber cables over the Y-shaped splitter on the Realme Buds 2 are much more durable, and now have a rubber clip that can be used for the cables on Hold place. The headphone cases look a little different, but they feel the same way they were because of thick plastic use.

On the back of each cheese are magnets, allowing the two to hold them together when you are not using them. As these are output (passive) headphones, magnets do not control functions such as music and are designed to simplify the storage of headphones when not in use.

Realme buds 2 have 11.2 mm drivers, each with nominal barriers of 32m, 108 dB sensitivity and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response range. Three pairs of ear-words are included. We found that the headphones were comfortable, secure and adequate passive noise isolation. Through the Y splitter, significant noise is heard from the cable, but this is expected in this price range.

Realme Buds 2 Introduction:

The sound quality of the buds 2 was immediately taken, which greatly improved over the first Realme buds. Although we found that the tone of the older model is uncomfortable, soft 2 mats are much more refined and detailed.

The answer to the bass was certainly improved compared to the heart, and the bass was slightly more aggressive than the highlights. However, the sound was mostly clear, comfortable listening to her and it may be very high.

A powerful daytime bass can be done over time, but listeners who prefer the attractiveness and aggression that Realme Buds 2 brings will also show us. We also love to open and pronounce headphones, which are better and cleaner. any other headphones. Priced at Rs.599.

Continuing the incredible cover of Brass Against the Machine, Killing the Name, we were very impressed with the quality of the frequency of the center. The singing was powerful and sharp, but we noted that the strong low frequencies of the headphones were heavy-heavy, as was this sound, sometimes too hot and fuzzy. Apart from the listeners a little more fatigue, it didn’t put us too much.

Final Verdict:

Realme is renowned for its smartphones, but it is about to establish itself as an Ecosystem player with Buds 2. These headphones are well-built and only good for rupees. 599, In particular, locals will love from attack and drive, and listeners love purity and sound refinement. There were times when we got the sound too hard for the bass, but it was never too uncomfortable for us.

Realme Buds 2 is a major improvement on the original Basic Estimate when it comes to sound quality. If you prefer a more balanced tone, best 1More Fit Fit. However, if you are satisfied with the strong bass and want some well-built headphones, Buds 2 is our choice with RS.599 away.

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